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A Mother's Love - Interview With Jennifer McMahon

A mother's Love

A Mother's Love



"What has been the biggest lesson you have learnt since becoming a mother?"

TO LET GO - It’s still an ongoing lesson and journey for me into motherhood is to let go. Speaking for the Newborn Mother period, it’s a shock to the system! Coming from a life of ‘achievement’ and ‘getting things done’ it’s been tough as this little human who has stolen your heart needs your attention 80% of the time and that 20% left is when you sleep, eat, do the washing and resemble some form of self care! My solution - twirl around the lounge room channeling Elsa belting out ‘let it go.....” it works a treat :


"What advice would you give to first time mother's?"

Make HELP your favourite word...

ACCEPT help when offered

ASK for help when needed

PAY for help if able

I feel women in general put too much pressure on themselves to ‘do everything’ (me included!) There is no shame in asking for help regardless if you have one child or ten! There’s a reason for the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. If you haven’t slept in weeks and can’t face the washing pile, ask a family member to come over and help. If a friend offers to drop you off a home cooked dinner, accept it with gratitude and if you’re able to sacrifice something financially to pay for a cleaner then DO IT! Strength is showing vulnerability and we all need help.

A Mother's Love


"How has becoming a mother changed you as a woman?"

It’s changed everything, my view on life and what’s important, how I choose to spend my time and who I choose to spend it with. Priorities change and it’s for the better. My mother always said to me growing up (particularly when I was giving her a hard time..) “you’ll never know love until you experience the love for your own child” (partly the reason why I got away with so much growing up) After Vienna was born I gave my mum a hug and said “I’m sorry for any pain I caused you growing up, I now understand ”.


"How will you be spending your first Mother's Day this year?"

Chris is planning a surprise in the morning (so if you’re reading this honey, I’m expecting an Açaí bowl in bed with a homemade Chai and endless foot massages and back rubs.... haha) 

In all seriousness as long as I wake up to see Viennas little face, nothing else matters!

A mother's love