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Our commitment to Sustainable luxury mode and affaire
Sustainable luxury is the product of beauty and pleasure entwined with awareness and social responsibility. A concept that we embrace and is encouraged by our gorgeous customers who are seeking garments that are high quality, ethically sourced, investment pieces.

Mode & Affaire is committed to the slow fashion movement, where we create collections that are designed to be long-lasting and handed down from generation to generation. We encourage women to buy less and choose well. Where quality always reigns over quantity.

Our garments are made from naturally occurring fibres that are ethically produced and environmentally sustainable. We aim to educate consumers about the positive environmental impact of wearing natural fibres at a time when environmental change is paramount. Mode & Affaire are proud to champion the eco-creditiantals of the natural fibres we work with, by designing sustainable fashion that our customers will love and wear forever.

In today’s society the trend towards disposable clothing or "fast fashion" is alarming. We encourage men and women wherever possible buy apparel made from naturally biodegradable fibres.

We are encouraging people to look in their wardrobe and reinvent their existing fur pieces. Get creative. Get inventive & rework your fur!
All our garments are designed to withstand the test of time so here we are showcasing 3 ways to wear the same jacket.
Buying investment pieces is all about creating mileage and wearability of key pieces in your wardrobe.

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