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The styling. The layering. The all-encompassing luxury and glamour of the winter and seasonal wardrobe. The importance of living life in full colour.

Nothing feels more luxurious than soft, deliciously tactile textures. It may be classic chic or a treasured vintage piece from a bygone era or current contemporary fashion.

Our inspirations are strong, unapologetic and unashamedly glamorous role models. Sultry sixties starlet Julie Christie’s Lara in the iconic Dr Zhivago swathed in layers dashing through the snow on her way to the ice palace at Varykino. The Old Hollywood glamour of 50s movie stars with soft, white stoles caressing bare shoulders and diamond-studded décolletage. Modern day brides engulfed in soft confections dancing in front of a cloud of cherry blossoms. Beautiful Boho babes dancing with the sand between their toes at a beach bonfire with a luxurious scarf around their neck.

Our mission is to make every woman look and feel beautiful.

Founder/designer Sarah Clark’s innate love of this luxurious way of dressing started young. “I spent my childhood playing dress ups in my grandmother’s clothes. This was my first memory of the sensuous feeling of what ‘glamorous’ felt like and I quite literally fell in love with that feeling.”

We are about empowering the everyday woman. The Wild Heart. The Queen. The Mother. The Rule Breaker. The Jet Setter. The Adventurer.

We believe that fashion has no limits. Each of our pieces are designed to be worn every day. Everywhere. The only limit is your imagination.

The Mode & Affaire collections are effortless, fearless and daring. We believe a confident woman is at her most beautiful. Our prime desire is to create a platform for this magical feeling with all of our designs.

Mode & Affaire’s collections include stunning jackets, vests and scarves, an exquisitely beautiful wedding collection and a fantasy-filled Mini Me range.

We love those who love what we create. This love of luxe and glamour unites us. The wild colours. Precious textures. Those who wear M&A are not only brand advocates. They are our gorgeous, glamorous collaborators and friends.


We believe fashion has no boundaries. Each of our pieces is designed to be worn every day. Everywhere. The Mode & Affaire collections are as much effortless as they are fearless and daring. We believe a woman becomes most beautiful when she feels confident and beautiful and our prime desire is to create this magical feeling with every single one of our garments. 

We love to meet those who love what we create. This love of luxury and glamour. Wild colours. Precious textures. They not only become brand advocates but more importantly, friends.